Donald Trump would like to have this tweet back

In addition to everything that’s substantively wrong about Donald Trump – from his corrupt criminal antics, to his status as a racist and a rapist, to his attempted murder of immigrant children – he also has a real problem trying to function when he’s spewing his garbage rhetoric on Twitter. It’s happened to him yet again.

We’re not even talking about the fact that Donald Trump screwed up and referred to his Fox News buddy Sean Hannity as a “shoe” today. That can be explained away as a mere typo, along with Trump’s refusal to put the vast resources of the presidency to use when it comes to checking his tweets before he sends them. No, we’re talking about something more problematic that happened today. Here’s the exact verbiage of what Trump tweeted:

“The IG found that James Comey leaked Classified Documents to his attorneys, which can be (is) a violation of the Espionage Act. This is consistent with all the lies that Comey has been spreading. @GreggJarrett @ByronYork @LouDobbs

There are few problems here. First, he began the tweet with opening quotation marks, but never did use closing quotation marks at any point, meaning we have no idea how much of this is supposed to be an actual quote. When he added “is” in parenthesis, he appears to have altered the quote with his own wording, which you can’t do, because then it’s not a quote anymore. For that matter, Trump didn’t even specify who’s being quoted, as he tagged three different Fox News personalities in the tweet. Also, what Comey did is obviously not a violation of the Espionage Act. What a disaster.

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