Donald Trump suffers bizarre Twitter malfunction during whacked out meltdown

Donald Trump is very upset that federal prosecutors have recommended a lengthy prison sentence for Roger Stone. Trump has become even more upset now that he’s figured out that his corrupt DOJ antics today won’t have any impact on the prison sentence that the judge decides to give Stone. We know all of this because Trump is unraveling on Twitter in real time.

The trouble for Trump tonight is that he’s so rattled at how quickly his latest ineffective corrupt plot is blowing up in his face, he can’t even seem to focus on his usual Twitter antics. For instance, he posted this tweet which was aimed at taunting… someone:

Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet both dropped out of the race tonight, but Donald Trump never did specify which one he was talking about. He just ended his tweet after accusing someone of having a low IQ. To be clear, neither Yang nor Bennet has a low IQ. Trump has since moved on to ranting separately about Mike Bloomberg, who did not drop out, so it doesn’t look like Trump is ever going to tell us which candidate he’s trying to taunt. This guy is completely rattled.

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