Donald Trump suffers bizarre Twitter malfunction

Over the long holiday weekend, Palmer Report noted that Donald Trump’s Twitter presence fell off the map. He didn’t have a single meltdown the entire time. It was enough to raise the question of whether Trump was even capable of doing any substantive tweeting while his social media handlers were off for the holidays. But then last night, while Trump was surely sleeping, one of his handlers went and made a complete mess of Trump’s account.

Just before midnight last night, Donald Trump’s Twitter account tried to plug a new book. We’re not going to repeat the name of the book or the author, because Trump’s book plugs are illegal, and because the book in question is garbage. But it’s worth pointing out that the tweet about the book managed to go completely off the rails.

Trump’s account insisted that this is a “very exciting and successful time in our County’s history.” That’s right, County. Whoever posted this tweet on Trump’s behalf couldn’t even spell “Country” correctly. Also, the word “an” was misspelled as “sn” – thus achieving the ignominy of misspelling a two letter word. This tweet ended up being deleted, and sometime well after midnight, reposted with corrections.

This raises further questions about just who might be in charge of Donald Trump’s Twitter account at this point. He appears to be posting far fewer tweets of his own since his mysterious hospital visit, and now whoever is ghost-tweeting for him is being even more illiterate than Trump is. What is going on?

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