Donald Trump posts bizarre tweet while at Walter Reed

Several hours ago Donald Trump was transported via helicopter to Walter Reed Medical Center to deal with his worsening coronavirus. The White House has still yet to make any official remarks about Trump’s condition, but various leaks say he’s running a fever, coughing, and having trouble breathing. Now Trump is, bizarrely, tweeting.

At 11:31pm eastern time, Donald Trump tweeted this: “Going welI, I think! Thank you to all. LOVE!!!” Wait a minute here. Trump thinks it’s going well? That’s a pretty weird and non-reassuring way of putting things. Also, since when does Trump start tweeting words like “LOVE” in all capital letters? Come on. The man is a sociopath.

It raises questions about whether Donald Trump even wrote this tweet, or if his handlers are now ghost tweeting for him as he battles coronavirus. If Trump did write this, it’s notable that he’s now pushing like “LOVE” after having said “I’ll never forget this” in his brief video before going to the hospital.


Donald Trump now oddly sounds like he thinks he’s nearing the end of something, whether it be the end of his presidency, the end of his freedom (he goes to prison in New York if he loses), or the end of his life. This is all getting stranger by the hour.

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