Donald Trump posts unbelievably bizarre tweet on his way out of the hospital, suggesting he’s not well

Donald Trump announced today that he’s checking out of Walter Reed this evening and going back to the White House, even though his doctor’s press conference seemed to give away that Trump still has coronavirus issues with his lungs, and one medical expert is certain that Trump has pneumonia.

We think Donald Trump is leaving the hospital early because he knows he’s headed to prison unless he regains control over his failing campaign and finds a way to win the election, and he’d rather risk dropping dead than rotting in a cage. The fact that Trump is still taking dexamethasone, a powerful steroid that gives artificial energy to lifeless patients and can cause hallucinations, is a giveaway that something is wrong. So is this bizarre Trump tweet this evening:

“You see it in enthusiasm for the President outside Walter Reed Hospital. You see it in Registrations, from Florida to Pennsylvania & West Virginia, where Republicans are outstripping Democrats by 2 to 1. If the President bounces back onto the campaign trail, he will be an…. invincible hero, who not only survived every dirty trick the Democrats threw at him, but the Chinese virus as well. He will show America we no longer have to be afraid.” [email protected] Thank you Miranda. Was over until the Plague came in from China. Will win anyway!


Donald Trump appears to be quoting the New York Post writer in question, but why is he including her email address in his tweet? Her email address is a matter of public record, but still, who tweets like this? And what does Trump think was “over” until the plague came? Did he really think he had reelection sewn up before this? Has he forgotten that he’s been eight points behind Joe Biden in the polling averages for the entire election? What is wrong with this guy, and why is his compromised doctor letting him out of the hospital?

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