Donald Trump pulls bizarre stunt outside Walter Reed Medical Center, then goes back into hospital

Donald Trump has coronavirus. He’s highly contagious. He’s sick enough that doctors started him on a third experimental drug today, this one suggesting that the virus is moving into his lungs. He’s been on supplemental oxygen multiple times. And this is just what his doctors are admitting to.

Yet Trump just left Walter Reed and had his staffers drive him past his cheering idiot supporters outside, as captured by various news cameras. There are conflicting reports right now as to whether this means Trump has checked out of the hospital and is heading back to the White House, or if he’s simply taking a lap around the hospital before going back in.

Either way, this is an incredibly bizarre stunt. First, the highly contagious Donald Trump is exposing a number of his own people to the virus, just so they can drive him around the block and he can feel the narcissistic rush of being cheered on by losers. Second, if he really is checking out of the hospital while he’s still in this bad of medical condition, he may have just effectively killed himself. Update, 5:39pm: ABC News confirms Trump is back inside Walter Reed. He did not check out of the hospital.

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