Donald Trump has bizarre Oval Office meltdown about John Bolton

One day after Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he was firing his handpicked National Security Adviser John Bolton, he decided that it would be a good idea to bring reporters into the Oval Office and explain himself. The trouble: Trump is now so far gone, cognitively and psychologically, he couldn’t put a coherent sentence together and came off like a raving lunatic.

Donald Trump couldn’t make up his mind whether he wanted to tell reporters about the warm personal relationship he had with John Bolton, or viciously rant about why he hated John Bolton. At one point Trump blamed Bolton for the failed invasion of Iraq, raising questions about why he would hire a guy in the first place whose foreign policy record he viewed so negatively.

Based on John Bolton’s on-the-record remarks to Fox News yesterday, and his apparent leaks to the media last night, it appears Bolton is looking to expose Donald Trump for the inept buffoon that he is. That could end up being a big deal, because the violently bloodthirsty racist warmonger Bolton has some pull with his fellow neoconservative commentators and voters. This may be why Trump found himself alternating between praising and trashing Bolton, as he tried to contain his anger.

In any case, Donald Trump has now appointed, and then ousted, three National Security Advisers in less than three years, and he’s now about to pick his fourth. He promised he’d hire the best people and drain the swamp, but all he’s been doing is hiring and then firing the swamp.

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