Billy Graham’s grandkids come out swinging at Donald Trump

On Thursday, leading evangelical publication Christianity Today – originally founded by the late Billy Graham – published an op-ed calling for Donald Trump to be removed from office on moral grounds. On Friday, Trump erupted with anger at the publication, falsely accusing it of being a liberal outlet, and getting its name wrong. Billy Graham’s son Franklin Graham then attacked Christianity Today, and made the dubious claim that Billy Graham voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

But now two of Billy Graham’s family members are praising Christianity Today for standing up to Donald Trump. Graham’s granddaughter Jerushah Duford appeared on CNN and said this: “My grandfather always said courage is contagious. My hope is that an article like this will be a first step for people to actually stand up.”

Billy Graham’s grandson Boz Tchividjian said this: “A heavy hearted bravo to CT! Well said on so many levels. I believe my grandfather would have had a similar perspective. Thank you.”


Meanwhile Donald Trump is foundering in his attempts at addressing the controversy. In a Twitter meltdown he appeared to accuse Christianity Today of being run by socialists or communists. He also inexplicably referred to the publication as “ET” – setting off endless memes about Entertainment Tonight and ET the Extra Terrestrial.

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