Bill Maher has completely jumped the shark


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If you are aware of an invention called television and that on that invention they have a thing called Bill Maher, then you might also know that Mr Maher likes to tread a fine line between rightwing and leftwing, politically speaking. It might even be that he does it for no other reason than to carve out a quasi-unique ratings niche for himself.

Whatever his rationale, the last time I was incensed to the extent that I wrote an article contradicting one of Maher’s categorical pronouncements was when he predicted a giant red wave last November. He contended that the 2022 election heralded the death of Democracy. It was my distinct pleasure to watch him eat crow immediately after that Great Republican Embarrassment, where we made gains in the Senate and lost the House by one of history’s squeakiest margins.

Well I’m incensed again. This time Maher notes in his latest “New Rule” segment that since the Republican persecution of Bill Clinton back in the 90s for lying about his ménage à deux with Monica Lewinsky was good for Bill’s ratings, Stormy Daniels’ romp with Trump will similarly make Trump more popular. In short, Maher contends that we’re stupid for prosecuting Trump for “another sex scandal,” because it will send his popularity ratings into orbit. Or as Churchill quoting Santayana put it, those who do not learn from history … and so on.

First of all, we are repeating nothing. What’s going on with Trump is unique in American history. And it’s not a sex scandal, isn’t presented as a sex scandal and above all doesn’t feel like a sex scandal. For one thing Trump is untouchable by sex scandals, as he’s already demonstrated with the Access Hollywood tape and his multiple allegations of every offence against women from rape to unwanted touching.

Second of all, this is an entirely different era in an entirely different context. Bill Clinton was President of the United States during one of the greatest economic booms in American history. He was charismatic and adored by most of the population. Donald Trump is a twice-impeached one term failure facing multiple criminal charges. He’s deeply hated by most Americans and popular only with a dwindling minority of morons.

Trump is facing charges for misappropriation of campaign funds and falsifying business records in order to disguise his true character and win an election. That is how it’s presented, that is how it is and that is how it will be remembered. This is no sex scandal. It was a fraud on the American people, like so many frauds Trump committed so he could steal the 2016 election. Like so many frauds Trump committed in his attempt to steal the 2020 election.

Yes, Trump will be vigorously prosecuted for that. And I have a funny feeling that Letitia James, Fani Willis and Jack Smith aren’t empanelling grand juries because standing around and interrogating Trump witnesses is good cardio. Once again, Mr Maher, your hair-tearing about how Democrats are way, way off the mark is the only thing that’s off the mark.

But if you want to quote Churchill, remember what he said about Hitler. Those of us who think we can ignore him and his crimes are living in “a fool’s paradise.” My advice to you, Mr Maher, is the same as my advice to you the last time I was incensed enough by you to write an article. Stay off the dope. It’s impairing your judgement. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.


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