Bill Barr’s Michael Flynn stunt just totally blew up in his face

Did Attorney General Bill Barr really think he could force the DOJ to request that the case against Michael Flynn be dropped, after Flynn had already pleaded guilty, and he would get away with it? Maybe if the case were in front of some other judge. But Barr clearly underestimated Judge Emmet Sullivan, who is now coming out swinging at Barr’s stunt in aggressive fashion.

Michael Flynn admitted under oath that he was guilty. Now that Flynn is suddenly claiming his innocence, Judge Sullivan is demanding that Flynn explain why he shouldn’t lock him up for contempt of court for perjury right now, according to CNN. Judge Sullivan is also appointing a retired judge to argue the case for why the DOJ shouldn’t be allowed to drop the case. This is on top of the amicus briefings that Sullivan is now seeking from interested parties who have legal opinions on Flynn’s guilt. It gets worse.

Now the New York Times is reporting that an FBI official formally argued against dropping the Michael Flynn case, but Bill Barr’s DOJ conveniently left that part out of the court filing. This is all blowing up in Barr’s face in real time. It’s a reminder that while Barr may be the closest thing Trump has to an effective henchman, Barr isn’t particularly effective. Look how in over his head he is in the Flynn case.

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