Exposed: Bill Barr’s disturbing role in Donald Trump’s Russian bounty scandal

With Donald Trump’s Russian bounty scandal now growing worse by the hour, you just had to figure someone as deeply and aggressively corrupt as Attorney General Bill Barr was going to end up involved somehow. Sure enough, based on a new understanding of the timeline, Barr’s fingerprints are all over this.

Back in March of this year, Bill Barr’s DOJ inexplicably moved to drop the charges against two Russian companies that were allegedly involved in the plot to rig the 2016 presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor. At the time, it appeared to merely be yet another instance of Barr trying to erase all traces of the Mueller probe, and of Trump trying to quash the narrative that he only won in 2016 because Russia rigged it for him.

But thanks to the AP, we now have confirmation that the Trump regime was already well aware of the Russian bounty scandal at the time the charges against the Russian companies were dropped. This places the decision in an entirely new context.

Bill Barr knew Russia was paying terrorists to murder U.S. troops at the time he decided to drop the charges against these Russian companies. Was it an attempt at convincing Russia to stop the murders? Was there some other angle? That’s yet to be precisely determined. But one thing is clear: Barr is up to his neck in this treason plot.

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