What the heck is going on with Bill Barr?

One of the quietly remarkable things about this final stretch of the election is how thoroughly Bill Barr has disappeared. After he was exposed to coronavirus, he went into quarantine, and apart from one minor public appearance, hasn’t been seen or heard from since. This comes even as Donald Trump keeps publicly attacking him, and the DOJ appears to be doing things without him.

Trump asserted today that the only reason Joe Biden and/or his associates haven’t been arrested is that Bill Barr won’t allow it. If this is the case, it suggests that Barr expects Trump to lose, and Barr doesn’t want to go to prison for felony obstruction of justice, so he’s drawn the line at falsely arresting people. But it’s not just that.

The DOJ criminally indicted six members of the Kremlin GRU today for hacking, in a clear attempt at laying down the law when it comes to Russian meddling in the 2020 election. Donald Trump clearly didn’t want this to happen. So is Bill Barr defying Trump by letting it happen, or has Barr simply lost control over the DOJ?

This all just keeps getting more strange. It’s as if Bill Barr has tried to take himself off the table, in the hope that he’ll be forgotten about once the Trump regime collapses. Good luck with that; Barr is going to prison.

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