Bill Barr tries to weasel out of it as Donald Trump destroys himself to save Roger Stone

Last week Bill Barr leaked to the media that he was strongly opposed to Donald Trump pardoning Roger Stone or commuting his sentence. It looked like perhaps Trump was going to follow this advice, but then at the last minute Stone publicly hinted that he would flip on Trump – and just minutes after that, Trump caved and commuted the sentence.

Now Bill Barr is once again leaking his disagreement to the media. This time he’s leaking to NBC News that he considered Roger Stone’s conviction and prison sentence to be fair. This is all cute, but Barr gets no points for it. If he really meant it, or if he had any real intention of standing up to Trump, he’d either grab the nearest microphone and say it himself or he’d simply resign in protest.

So what is Bill Barr really up to? Donald Trump committed felony obstruction of justice and felony bribery when he gave Roger Stone a get out of jail free card in exchange for not giving up dirt on Trump to prosecutors. It’ll be among the growing list of felonies that Trump will be charged with once he’s gone from office – and it feels like Barr is simply trying to avoid being charged as Trump’s co-conspirator in the Stone commutation.


If nothing else, Bill Barr’s cowardly leaks reveal that he thinks Donald Trump will indeed be criminally charged for these antics after this is over. Barr wouldn’t be trying to distance himself from Trump’s crimes if he didn’t expect Trump to go down for them.

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