Bill Barr spirals out of control

We have known for decades that Attorney General William Barr is a partisan hack, going back to the Iran Contra scandal, and reinforced by his audition memo to Donald Trump about his views on obstruction and how the president is above the law (well, Republican presidents at least).
Now, we are learning that Barr will be “having advance meetings (including one on Wednesday with Senate Judiciary chair Lindsey Graham) so that talking points and presentations can be ready in advance of an official release.”

In something that has not happened in our history, the Attorney General of the United States has been spending taxpayer dollars and time on chasing down conspiracy theories and somehow trying to disprove that Russians interfered with the 2016 elections. That last point is something that has already been firmly established by Barr’s own Department of Justice.

Barr is sinking the Justice Department to a new low, trying to chase debunked conspiracies down rabbit holes. In an attempt at coordinating this effort and trying to “incinerate Washington by putting the whole Justice Department behind a conspiracy theory that rewrites history and declares open warfare on political opponents,” he will orchestrate the story lines and be ready so that he can release his report by Thanksgiving.

Barr will do everlasting damage to the Justice Department, to the FBI, and to the CIA by his actions, designed not at the truth but at somehow paying homage to the delusions of his boss. Funny, the GOP claims to be the party of “law and order” and yet day by day, they are attacking the federal law enforcement officers and creating a world of mistrust and hatred toward “law and order,” all to stoke the ego and views of corruptus maximus. Lady Justice weeps.

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