Rudy Giuliani may have just taken Bill Barr down with him

Based on the ugly new details that keep surfacing about his activities, and the news reports about the Feds having already sifted through his bank records and found his criminal foreign ties, Rudy Giuliani is obviously going to prison for the rest of his life. The question has been who all he’s going to take down with him.

Attorney General Bill Barr, even amid reports that he’s been hopping the globe while trying to breathe life into Donald Trump’s favorite conspiracy theories, has largely managed to avoid the spotlight in Trump’s Ukraine scandal โ€“ until now. It turns out Rudy Giuliani dragged Barr’s Department of Justice into his Ukraine crime spree, in a manner which could only possibly have been signed off on by Barr, and now its all coming out.

Over the past few days it’s become apparent that Kremlin oligarch Dmitry Firtash has been bankrolling the entire Ukraine scandal. Rudy Giuliani now admits he was on the payroll of the recently arrested Lev Parnas, amid reports that Parnas was in turn being bankrolled by Firtash. On Friday afternoon, Bloomberg reported that Firtash was also paying Trump-connected lawyers Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing to manufacture phony Biden scandals. But then on Friday night, the New York Times dropped the biggest bombshell of all, and it brings us back to Bill Barr.

The NY Times now says that Rudy Giuliani met with the Department of Justice to discuss his “client in a foreign bribery case” โ€“ who is not identified as Firtash but is obviously Firtash โ€“ and that the meeting was attended by Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski. In other words, one of the highest ranking officials at the DOJ met with the target of a DOJ investigation about letting the target of another DOJ investigation off the hook.


Benczkowski is obviously toast. Just the fact that he took this meeting means that he’s exposed himself to criminal liability. He’ll either go to prison once this is all over, or he’ll send someone higher up than himself to prison. Now it comes down to whether or not Benczkowski can demonstrate that he took the meeting because a higher-up instructed him to. That higher-up is almost surely Bill Barr. At this rate Rudy’s cartoonish criminal antics might take everyone in the Trump regime down.

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