Bill Barr is looking at an unhappy ending after all

We’re still waiting to see whether new Attorney General Merrick Garland criminally indicts his predecessor Bill Barr on felony obstruction of justice charges. Based on what’s publicly available alone, there’s more than enough to indict Barr, but we have no way of knowing if Garland plans to set that precedent. And considering the sheer number of balls that Garland is juggling, we wouldn’t expect a Barr indictment to comes swiftly, even if it does come. In the meantime, Barr is already heading toward an unhappy ending.

In the decades since Bill Barr’s first stint at Attorney General ended, he’s spent his time working for lucrative law firms and holding lucrative positions on corporate boards. But in the months since he left the Trump regime, the Washington Post says that Barr hasn’t been able to get a gig. His old law firm doesn’t want him back. No one else is hiring either.

In other words, it looks like serving as the top henchmen for a fascist insurrectionist faux-president wasn’t exactly the best career move. Bill Barr’s life has already become a dead-end pile of crap since leaving office. Now we wait to see if it’s made even worse with a criminal indictment.

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