Bill Barr is about to go through some things

Corrupt regimes can only exist in an environment of corruption. This is today’s GOP. Republicans would rather expel Liz Cheney and embrace Matt Gaetz because Gaetz is willing to prop up their corruption and Cheney is not. This is nothing remarkable in a banana republic but new to the US. It didn’t start with Trump but he was the manifestation of the corruption going back decades in the Republican Party. With the twin outrage machines of talk radio and Fox News, the GOP is keeping its followers distracted while they rob them blind. Their most important value is to hold onto power rather than follow any moral code or party values. This explains the Gaetz v. Cheney conflict. Cheney is last hold-out of those “family values” GOP members and she has got to go.

Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson is now exposing former AG Bill Barr for the corrupt piece of sh*t he is by releasing the DOJ memo justifying not prosecuting Trump in the Mueller investigation. Barr, in his defense, was only doing his job and his job as he saw it was to allow the right to hold onto power no matter what, not to defend the Constitution. AG Merrick Garland may have other ideas.


The wheels of justice grind slowly. Trump & Co. have been allowed to get away with too much for too long. But with all the flipping going on we can be confident much of it will be coming to light now. Barr’s testimony will be interesting as will Dominion Voting Systems’ discovery in all their civil suits against the co-conspirators in the January 6th insurrection. Trump & Co.’s name will come up again and again. Time to lock them up.

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