Bill Barr has a whole new problem

Every corrupt person in Donald Trump’s orbit comes face to face with justice sooner or later. Manafort, Gates, Cohen, Flynn, and Stone are in prison or headed there. Mike Pompeo is on his last legs. Mick Mulvaney is being squeezed like a grape. But when is it going to be Bill Barr’s turn to face the music? After all, Barr has arguably committed the most egregious crimes of anyone in the Trump cabal, short of Donald Trump himself.

If Donald Trump loses the election, it’s almost a given that the post-Trump Department of Justice will bring obstruction of justice felony charges against Bill Barr. After all, the DOJ knows it’ll have to take out its own trash before anyone will take it seriously again. The big question has been whether Congress is going to move on Barr before Trump is finished off.

It turns out the New York City Bar Association has something to say about that. It’s now asking Congress to formally investigate Bill Barr over his outrageous behavior in office. We know the Republican Senate won’t take the NYC Bar up on its offer, but the Democratic House just might.

If the House Democrats have been looking for an angle from which to dig in and expose Bill Barr’s crimes heading into 2020, this Bar Association complaint would be a great jumping off point. We’ll see where this goes, and which House committee might decide to run with this. But it’s a reminder that Barr doesn’t have a magic wand, and he’s not getting through this unscathed. After all, Nixon’s Attorney General went to prison after Nixon was ousted.

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