Welcome to Robert Mueller’s Big Monday

When you begin the week riding the high of having just indicted the Russians for conspiring to rig the election, you end the week with two more Trump-Russia plea deals and dozens more criminal charges flying, and you made so many dizzying moves in between that it’s hard to keep track of them all, what do you do for an encore? Welcome to Robert Mueller’s Big Monday.

With all the surprise left hooks that Mueller has been landing of late, at this point no one can accurately predict his next immediate move with any precision. He has several parallel criminal cases playing out at once. Some of his moves are specifically aimed at throwing people off so he can move in on them, while other moves are simply a result of the case having reached a particular procedural point. But the more actions he takes, the more clues he reveals how he plans to get where he’s going, and the patterns he likes to use while getting there. So what’s most likely to happen today?

The short answer is that we can probably expect a lot today. As far as the procedural stuff, he’s so far along in his prosecution phase that those filings are happening left and right as a matter of course. Maybe he thinks dozens of criminal counts against Paul Manafort are enough to flip him, or maybe he’ll pile on with even more charges today.

When it comes to the surprise elbows Robert Mueller likes to strategically throw, keep in mind that up to now we haven’t seen (or at least we don’t think we’ve seen) Mueller use any of the testimony or evidence he got from the Michael Flynn deal. He’s obviously been using that behind the scenes to build criminal cases against bigger fish. So don’t be shocked if the Jared Kushner phase of the prosecution commences today or this week. But that’s just a logical guess based on where things seem to be heading. Mueller has now indicted nineteen people, most of them in the past eleven days. Clearly, everything is now on the table – and today should be big. Help support Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report