Donald Trump supporters have a big (little) problem

As I try and navigate daily through the partisan, fake, or flat out absurd things I see on political social media sites, I often look back to scholars from days past and there’s always an answer. So since the latest school shooting in Parkland, Florida (which could’ve changed by now at the rate we are having them), I asked myself a familiar question “Why would anybody need an AR-15?”

Well wouldn’t you know it? It didn’t take me a minute to find my answer ,and surprisingly my thoughts were the same as arguably one of the greatest minds ever Sigmund Freud. Basically what Freud said was carrying a weapon, sword, dagger, gun, whatever, is more about compensation for other inadequacies. Mainly in the manhood department. And the bigger, more deadly the weapon, the more you are trying to make up for.

Now does me pointing this out help anything? No, probably not, but I know a surefire way it could: expose this reality. The AR-15 carrying Trump rubes out there “clinging to their guns and religion,” as President Obama said, would drop them guns in a second if it was known to own an AR-15 means to own a tiny pecker.

I’m Looking still for answers from people way smarter than me in history for a better solution to all these kids being so violently killed. So far I havent found one, but this is a unique time in history. Nowhere ever on this earth have kids been killed in mass numbers as they are now. So before we bury anymore in child sized coffins, I want every NRA cardholder and AR-15 owner to know that we know the real issue – and don’t worry, size isn’t everything.

Kc Childs

Just a guy and his dog, looking for truth in a world of fake news