Donald Trump and his goons are all going to prison – and big arrests are coming very, very soon

Republican operative Paul Erickson, who lived with confessed Russian spy Maria Butina, has just been indicted and arrested on serious fraud charges that have nothing to do with the Trump-Russia election conspiracy. Erickson is not among the twenty biggest names in the Trump-Russia scandal, but his downfall is a reminder that everyone involved is going down one way or another. Some of them are going down very, very soon.

Michael Cohen just postponed his scheduled House testimony by three weeks, and no one on the committee is upset about it at all, which is a sure sign that Robert Mueller and/or the SDNY is about to indict a bigger fish, and wants to keep Cohen silent in the mean time. Throw in the fact that SDNY just subpoenaed Donald Trump’s inauguration committee financial records, and just subpoenaed Trump Organization executives to testify, it’s not difficult to piece together what’s about to happen here: Donald Trump, his family, and dozens of his associates are being criminally targeted.

Then there are the dozens of Trump-Russia testimony transcripts that the House Intel Committee just handed over to Robert Mueller today. These transcripts are a goldmine that’ll translate to a number of automatic perjury indictments and near-automatic felony convictions. Mueller can now indict just about anyone he wants, at any time, and that includes Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner. These people can all expect a pre-dawn knock on the door from the FBI, soon, and perhaps without warning.

Donald Trump can’t magically get himself and his people off the hook with pardons, because most of these charges can be backed up with state level charges. Matthew Whitaker isn’t going to use one of his toilet scams to make Robert Mueller magically disappear. It’s over for Trump. He and his people are going to prison, period. Some of them are already there. Bigger names are getting arrested soon. Get your popcorn ready.