Betsy DeVos is in real trouble

If one was asked the question, “Which Donald Trump appointee would you most like to see go down?”, there would be a wide range of responses. When those responses were interpreted and analyzed, one of the likely “winners” of such a poll would certainly be Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, who has gone out of her way to intentionally remove protections that have helped students in a number of ways.

As Palmer Report has documented, DeVos is the sister of Trump devotee Erik Prince. While Prince has gotten himself caught up in the Trump-Russia scandal and seems certain to go down for it, DeVos has continued to do everything to pad her own pockets in any way possible.

According to NBC News, “House and Senate Democrats say they have obtained evidence that a senior official at the Department of Education tried to oust the department’s independent watchdog after she pushed back on an attempt to interfere in an active investigation of Secretary Betsy DeVos.” Based on filings from both the House and Senate, they believe that DeVos has been not only been insincere, she completely lied to investigators. Such actions invite future investigations and potential felony perjury charges. When one lies to Congress, the results are not pleasant, as can be witnessed by those of previous Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.


It turns out Betsy DeVos did everything in her power to obstruct the investigations into her misdeeds. In her best effort to get away with misconduct, she clearly broke the law, just like her boss Donald Trump: “Lawmakers from four House and Senate committees who oversee the department sent a letter to DeVos on Tuesday, suggesting that the effort to replace the department’s acting Inspector General.”

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