Donald Trump has berserk meltdown after losing his second White House Chief of Staff in 24 hours

Just yesterday, Donald Trump confirmed the mounting reports that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was planning to resign. By all accounts, Mike Pence’s current Chief of Staff, Nick Ayers, was set to take Kelly’s place. But this afternoon the news broke that Ayers is turning the job down, and is resigning from the administration entirely. Immediately afterward, Trump had a delusional, absurd meltdown.

When things get particularly bad for Donald Trump, he often reverts to the delusion that he’s the most accomplished president in American history. And when there are reports about personnel chaos in his White House, he starts insisting that everything is a smooth running machine. Now that everything is going wrong for Trump, all at once, he tweeted this screed:

“The Trump Administration has accomplished more than any other U.S. Administration in its first two (not even) years of existence, & we are having a great time doing it! All of this despite the Fake News Media, which has gone totally out of its mind-truly the Enemy of the People!”

So let’s try to parse this. Donald Trump seems particularly hung up on the idea that he’s accomplished more up to this point than anyone else ever has. That’s interesting when you consider that, on paper at least, Trump has more than two years left in office. Now that Trump has been formally accused of two felonies by the U.S. Attorneys office, with dozens more such felony counts against him forthcoming, it’s notable that Trump now seems to be framing things with the expectation that he’s near the end of the road.