Donald Trump has completely berserk meltdown after New York State starts lowering the boom on him

Earlier today, New York State ordered Donald Trump to pay $2 million dollars in order to make up for the money he stole from his Trump Foundation charity and gave to his own presidential campaign. It’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the much larger fines and asset forfeitures that are likely coming, and it’s nothing compared to the New York grand jury that’s pursuing Trump on criminal charges.

Donald Trump seems to understand where this is headed, because he just had a completely berserk reaction to the $2 million fine. Trump just tweeted a lengthy statement in which he’s ranting about how he’s the “only person in history” who can give money to charity and get attacked for it; nevermind that the money didn’t actually go to charity. Trump says “no wonder why we are all leaving,” without specifying who else besides him is supposedly leaving New York.

Trump then goes on to attack all three recent New York Attorneys General by name, while comically demanding that the Clinton Foundation be investigated instead. Then he claims that the only reason the Trump Foundation is being targeted is for things like “not keeping board minutes.” This almost reads like comic book fiction.

Actually, the whole thing reads like something akin to the semi-coherent conspiratorial ramblings of the Unabomber. At this point Donald Trump doesn’t appear to be much closer to mental competence than the Unabomber, so perhaps it’s fitting that they’re starting to sound like each other. Bizarrely, Trump ends his rant by listing off a few charities he’s willing to donate the $2 million to. Of course we all know he’ll try to defraud whichever charity gets picked.

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