Donald Trump has completely berserk meltdown after pardon scheme goes awry

– Donald Trump just tweeted “Pardon investigation is Fake News!” Well okay then. At this point Trump can’t even figure out what position he’s trying to take. Is he saying the pardon scandal never happened? Is he saying the DOJ criminal case doesn’t exist? If anything, given Trump’s penchant for oddly specific denials, this can probably be taken as a confession that not only did the scandal happen, Trump personally knew about it. The truth will come out.

– Trump also just threatened to veto the entire U.S. military budget unless Congress adds a provision that allows him to punish Twitter for the mean things that people are tweeting about him. No really, he’s become this pathetic. Whatever. He doesn’t have that kind of muscle. He’l have to cave. Trump’s life is over anyway. Enjoy prison, Donald!

– Do innocent people tend to seek out preemptive pardons? It’s important to keep in mind that the courts long ago ruled that accepting a pardon is a confession of guilt under the law. Gerald Ford harped on this for years after he pardoned Richard Nixon. So if Trump’s family members accept pardons from him, they’re confessing to every crime listed in the pardon.

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