After his memo fails, Devin Nunes goes berserk in the weirdest way possible

Rogue Republican Congressman Devin Nunes took a swing at protecting himself and Donald Trump in the Russia scandal, and let’s just say that he missed. His memo didn’t help himself or Trump one bit, and instead it’s become a scandal of its own. Now Nunes is trying another strategy, one which sounds like it should a headline from The Onion: he’s building a wall in his office. No, really. This is happening.

Even as Trump tries to build a stupid wall on the Mexican border, Nunes is building a wall down the middle of the House Intelligence Committee office, in order to keep Republican staffers literally walled off from Democratic staffers, according to a new Mother Jones report (link). This is such a berserk and frankly weird move, even the other Republicans on the committee are racing to distance themselves from it. Mike Conaway and Tom Rooney are on the record as saying they want nothing to do with the idea. So what’s even happening here?

Over the past year we’ve seen that Devin Nunes is embarrassingly in over his head. He illegally delivered classified information about the Trump-Russia investigation to Trump’s White House in the middle of the night, and mistakenly thought he had covered his tracks by switching Uber rides. Then he released a misleading memo about supposed FBI abuses, which didn’t even contain any accusations of FBI abuses. When he was called out for the inaccurate nature of his memo, he blamed the font size in the original FISA warrant filing for having been too small. No, really.

So now we have Devin Nunes building a wall across his own committee’s office, in a move that’s so baffling, even the other Republicans on his committee are throwing up their hands and saying ‘Don’t look at me.’ We’re seeing Nunes unravel in real time. If he had any sense he’d just go cut a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller before he incriminates himself any further. But as we’ve seen, Nunes doesn’t appear to have any sense.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report