Donald Trump’s pal Benjamin Netanyahu is in deep trouble

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu are essentially two versions of the same cartoon villain: they’re corrupt far-right criminals who are dragging down their respective countries. They’re both on their way to eventually taking a fall. Trump has too many problems to list here, of course. But now it turns out Netanyahu could be the first to fall – and it could happen within the next couple of days.

Benjamin Netanyahu announced three days ago that his own internal polling has him losing the September 17th election, according to the Jerusalem Post. Netanyahu is presumably making this information public, in a last ditch effort at motivating his supporters to show up and save him. What’s fascinating is that Netanyahu is in the process of being indicted for criminal corruption, meaning that he’s in danger of not only losing his office, but also losing his freedom. Sound familiar?

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu are on the same downward trajectory. Their antics and scandals have left them deeply unpopular, in danger of losing the next election, and facing criminal indictment and prison when it’s all said and done. No wonder the two criminals are allies. What’s shameful is that, despite being loyal to each other, Trump is as disloyal to the United States as Netanyahu is disloyal to Israel. We’ll see which of the two criminals faces the handcuffs first.

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