Ben Carson crashes and burns – and gets kicked out – while trying to defend Donald Trump’s racism

Donald Trump only has one black person in his cabinet, and it’s Ben Carson, who spent the entirety of the 2016 presidential election demonstrating that he’s hilariously unqualified for any job in politics. We all know that Trump only chose Carson as his HUD Secretary because he wanted the cover of having one black cabinet member who was willing to be publicly loyal to him. Sure enough, Trump called Carson out of the bullpen today in order to defend Trump’s racism. It went about as poorly – and unintentionally humorously – as expected.

Ben Carson, who was a genius as a pioneering brain surgeon, but who can’t seem to so much as tie his shoelaces these days without incompetently screwing it up, tried to hold a press conference this morning in Baltimore. Carson was supposed to insist that Donald Trump’s racist tweets about Elijah Cummings and Baltimore weren’t racist.

The trouble: Carson tried to hold his press conference on church property, and CBS Baltimore says that the church kicked him out of the property without thinking twice. You’d think Carson would have made sure in advance that the church was going to let him do it, but again, he’s arguably the most incompetent man in the world.

When it comes to what Ben Carson did manage to say during his press conference, let’s just say that he’d have been better off if the church had shut him down sooner. Carson said that he hopes Donald Trump will visit Baltimore, but he doesn’t think it’ll happen because “he’d be treated so hostile.” In other words, Carson admitted Trump is a snowflake who’s afraid to face a skeptical crowd and try to win them over.

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