Ben Carson and the MyPillow guy have cooked up a phony new coronavirus cure – and Donald Trump is buying it

Ben Carson has a history of hawking phony miracle cures for cancer. MyPillow founder Mike Lindell has a history of hawking a plain old pillow that he claims is some kind of miracle pillow. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that they’ve teamed up to hawk a phony coronavirus miracle cure, which they’re now pitching to Donald Trump.

In an article that feels straight out of the Onion, but is instead coming from very real news outlet Axios, it turns out Ben Carson and the MyPillow guy really are pushing an oleander dietary supplement as a cure for coronavirus, despite no evidence whatsoever that it can do any such thing. It turns out they’ve basically got Trump on board with it. But some folks in the Trump regime are so alarmed by it, they’re leaking the story to the media in the hope of stopping the whole thing before it can get off the ground.

Two things stand out here. First, this means that Mike Lindell isn’t just a guy who sells crappy overpriced pillows on cable news and stands way too close to Donald Trump. Instead, Lindell is the kind of dangerous con artist who’s using his relationship with Donald Trump to try to con Americans into buying into a fake cure for a deadly pandemic, which means Lindell is extremely dangerous.

Second, Donald Trump clearly had so little interest in Ben Carson’s past as a medical doctor, he put him in charge of HUD instead making him Surgeon General. But now Carson is having no problem getting Trump to buy into his medical quackery. It’s the latest sign that Trump’s mind has deteriorated to the point that everyone around him – even the half braindead Carson – is able to steer Trump in whatever direction they want.

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