Donald Trump and his base reach a whole new low

This year’s CPAC didn’t disappoint if you consider yourself conservative. The 2018 conference had a bit of everything right-wing, including your typical passive racism. This was highlighted by Ian Walter, communications director for the Conservative Political Action Conference when he said: “We elected Mike Steele (former RNC chairman) because he was a black guy.”

Another big theme this year was the conspiracy theories. I’m honestly surprised Alex Jones wasn’t invited, based on the tone and rhetoric of some speakers. Former Sheriff David Clarke claiming George Soros is pushing the Stoneman Douglas survivors to talk about gun control. Wayne LaPierre stating that socialists have taken over the Democratic Party, using such laughable examples as Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo who are Wall Street friendly capitalists. Not to be outdone, NRA spokesperson and front-runner for the most hated person of the year Dana Loesch stated that the “legacy media loves mass shooting.” I don’t know whether that’s considered a conspiracy theory or if it’s just projection on her part.

It wouldn’t be a post-2009 conservative gathering without shouting down a gay soldier, laughing at the disabled, or booing cancer patients. In the middle of President Shithole’s speech, he referred to John McCain’s “no” vote on the repeal of Obamacare earlier this year, resulting in what sounded like the entire room booing the Senator, who is currently dying from cancer. Continuing to provoke the crowd, you can hear Trump say “what a mess” while still speaking about McCain.

In the days following, many TV pundits and columnists have claimed that this is the floor for today’s right wing, and it can’t go any lower. I, on the other hand, am expecting the 2019 Conservative Political Action Committee to have cutting-edge topics such as lizard people, Antifa prison camps, and plans on how to deport non-white citizens, with such distinguished thinkers as Roger Stone, Charlie Kirk, and Richard Spencer. Trump’s Republican Party has no floor, at this point, they are governing on quicksand.

Keith Chaput writes for Palmer Report