Donald Trump’s base angrily lashes out at him over Syria bombing

Donald Trump launched an airstrike against Syria tonight, in what was a clear attempt at distracting the public from the stunning Trump-Russia revelations that had emerged earlier in the day. That said, the bombing was a multi-national effort and it appeared to have been done in a reasonable manner. You may or may not think it has much chance of helping the situation over there. But one thing is for sure: Trump’s base is pissed about it.

We spent a few horrible minutes watching Alex Jones rant and rave this evening, and he’s on the verge of giving up on Donald Trump because of the Syria bombing. He’s as incoherent and whacked out as ever, yelling around around neocons and blaming it all on Jared Kushner of all people, so it’s difficult to tell precisely why this bombing has enraged him. But the upshot is that when Jones yelled “F–k Trump” on his show tonight, he was speaking for a large segment of Trump’s demented “nationalist” base. He’s not the only one.

Other prominent members of Trump’s base including Mike Cernovich, Jack “Pizzagate” Posobiec, and Cassandra Fairbanks are now speaking out loudly against Trump on Twitter as well. If you’re not familiar with those names, don’t worry, you’re better off. But suffice it to say that these are the “thought leaders” as it were within Trump’s base. And they’re all going nuts against Trump tonight.

Maybe the prominent members of Donald Trump’s base will all be right back in line with him tomorrow, after he tweets a few racist things and rambles some more about the “deep state.” But it’s notable that, for one night at least, Trump’s cult-like base is lashing out against him in the manner it usually lashes out against everyone but him. Has Trump finally found a way to lose his rabid base by launching a proportional response in Syria?

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