Donald Trump just made a Barron Trump mess for himself

We have no opinion whatsoever about Donald Trump’s underage son Barron Trump, and neither should you. But there are times when Donald Trump’s behavior with regard to Barron becomes relevant to the political discourse. Donald made a point of driving that home tonight with one of his most ignorant tweets to date.

Tonight Donald Trump tweeted “OPEN THE SCHOOLS!!!” It would be one thing for him to take this position if he had anything resembling a plan, or a clue, or any interest in the well-being of the children involved. Then there’s the cold hard reality that his own son Barron Trump’s school isn’t planning to reopen. The Governor of Maryland did just give an exemption to private schools that want to reopen. But if Barron’s school still doesn’t reopen given the choice, then what does Donald think he’s doing by insisting that other parents send their kids back to school?

This past week we’ve seen that Major League Baseball, with all its resources and consultants and strategy, hasn’t been able to keep a relative handful of wealthy adult athletes safe from coronavirus. Donald Trump wants us to believe that public schools are somehow going to be able to reopen, with thousands of kids infecting each other and then taking the virus home with them, and everything is going to magically be alright? Nonsense.

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