Exposed: Robert Mueller has Donald Trump over a barrel

This past week we’ve seen a number of clues, in court filings, media reports, and Donald Trump’s own unraveling mindset, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is about to pounce on Trump. Now an inside report is revealing in detail how Mueller has Trump over a barrel.

This evening the AP has published a very lengthy insider profile of what’s transpired between Robert Mueller and Donald Trump behind the scenes over the past year, including a number of details that have not previously been made public. For instance, Trump nearly sat down for an interview with Mueller back in January of this year, but at the last minute he decided on a different strategy: dragging out the process for as long as possible.

What stands out about this profile is that, while it appears to be constructed largely from sources inside Donald Trump’s team, it – perhaps unwittingly – reveals that Robert Mueller has the upper hand. There is only one possible reason for Trump to have spent all year dragging out the interview, and that’s that he and his lawyers knew he’d lose the minute he sat down in that interview chair. The only way Trump’s side could know this is if it had a sense that Mueller already had proof of everything that happened.

Of course there is no reason to believe that Robert Mueller has spent the past year letting Donald Trump drag out the interview process without a good reason. Clearly, Mueller needed this time to conduct the rest of his investigation and build the rest of his criminal case against Trump. So what did Trump really accomplish by dragging it out? Nothing. Mueller clearly doesn’t need the Trump interview, which means he’s got him nailed.