It’s finally Ivanka Trump’s time in the barrel

Even after this is all said and done, we may still be debating whether Rudy Giuliani took Donald Trump down because he went off the deep end and didn’t know any better, or because he was purposely trying to make it happen for selfish reasons. But this much is clear already: by running his mouth in the manner he has, Rudy has now ensured that it’s finally Ivanka Trump’s time in the barrel.

Yesterday, Palmer Report pointed out that Rudy blew it by revealing that Donald Trump’s greatest fear is that the investigation will end up landing on Ivanka’s doorstep. This instantly handed all the leverage to the prosecutors and adversaries trying to take Trump down. All they have to do is target Ivanka for whatever crimes she may have committed, and Donald will end up caving. Now we’re seeing another trend play out as a result of Rudy blabbing about Ivanka.

Suddenly the mainstream media is focusing on the fact that, yeah, Ivanka Trump really did play a fundamental role in the Trump-Russia scandal. In the hours since Rudy Giuliani’s decision to drag Ivanka into this, Politico has run an article pointing out that Ivanka was at her father’s side during many of his felony acts of obstruction of justice. MSNBC is accusing Donald and Rudy of trying to scapegoat Jared Kushner in order to save Ivanka, which is an acknowledgement that Ivanka is indeed in danger of criminal prosecution.

There are numerous other examples. The upshot is that, after the mainstream media largely spent months acting as if Ivanka Trump wasn’t in any danger of criminal jeopardy, now she’s suddenly fair game. This is all because Rudy Giuliani basically pointed to Ivanka and said “Don’t look at her over there.” Did Rudy blow it because he’s lost the last of his marbles, or did he do this intentionally? Either way, Rudy just made this about Ivanka – which is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.

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