Donald Trump and Bill Barr have a huge Jeffrey Epstein problem

Serial child rapist Jeffrey Epstein is dead. Good riddance. No decent human being will shed a tear for him. But this was all too convenient. Way too convenient. This guy had way too many high profile connections. Far too many powerful people were going down with Epstein – and they were about to get named.

If anyone who’s culpable in Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes now thinks they’re off the hook because Epstein is dead, they’re thinking way too simplistically. The big names were going to come out. They still will. If anything, now that this scandal has taken the kind of too-convenient turn that wouldn’t pass muster in a fictional movie script, there will be even more media coverage, and even more people will be demanding answers.

Our position has always been that everyone who participated in Jeffrey Epstein’s crime spree needs to be exposed for it and go to prison, regardless of their political party or political leanings. Whoever those people are, we expect they’ll still go down for it. At least one can only hope. After all, this whole thing was already too far out into the open, and was already being too closely scrutinized by the public, even before Epstein died today.

But the people with the biggest problem right now are Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr. It was Barr who made a point of not recusing himself in the Jeffrey Epstein case so he could control what happened to Epstein’s old friend Trump. And now Epstein is suspiciously, conveniently, dead. Too conveniently. Only an idiot would think he could get himself off the hook at this late date by taking Epstein out. Now we’re going to find out if anyone involved in this scandal really is that big of an idiot.

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