What William Barr didn’t say about the Mueller report is what gives the whole thing away

Sometimes what’s most revealing is what a criminal doesn’t say. I do not regard it as even slightly inappropriate, at this point in history, to refer to Donald Trump and all the people who work for him as criminals. After all, if we can’t refer to a group of people who make worldwide climate catastrophe and thermonuclear peril possible as criminals, all done in the name of greed and unbridled lust for power, then who can we?

If we can’t call a gang of thugs who work tirelessly to deprive disadvantaged Americans of affordable healthcare – so they can instead give the money to their rich supporters – as criminals, then who deserves to be so called? I categorically refuse to refer to a man who steals $20 to feed his family as a criminal until a long list of evil scumbags, like Donald Trump and the toadstool vermin who work for him, get called that first. Fair enough?

So when I refer to “Attorney General” William Barr as a criminal I mean it. He’s a criminal. We need to stop giving his moronic four page summary credence, and instead examine it from the standpoint of an utterance with clearly criminal intent. Put yourself in the devious, slippery, conniving mind of the arch criminal. Ask yourself this question, what exactly didn’t Barr say?

What he didn’t say was that in the Mueller Report there was, ‘absolutely no evidence of conspiracy and absolutely no evidence of obstruction.’ In other words, according to William Barr, cheap thug and criminal that he is, we can infer that the Mueller Report did in fact say, ‘there is evidence of conspiracy and evidence of obstruction.’ Of course, we’ll have to take Barr’s word for that because he’s not going to let us see it. And if you trust him you are a bloody fool.

Is anybody sufficiently sick and tired of being manipulated by Donald Trump and his miserable Gollum of an “Attorney General” finally ready to cry “ENOUGH?” We don’t have to be depressed by the outcome of the Mueller Report, ladies and gentlemen, because we simply do not know what the hell is in it. And if you choose to be depressed because you’re taking the word of an arch criminal and his pirate ship crew, well, then that is your business and your problem. But it isn’t mine.

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