Yep, Steve Bannon has cut a deal with Robert Mueller

Last night the news broke that Steve Bannon was going to do everything he could to avoid appearing before the Trump-controlled House Intelligence Committee today. Palmer Report pointed out at the time that this likely meant Bannon had cut a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and that he was trying to prevent Trump’s allies on the committee from being able to report back to him in the meantime about what Bannon was planning to tell Mueller. Sure enough, we got additional information today that all but seals the fact that Bannon has indeed cut a deal with Mueller.

Here’s what Andrea Mitchell of NBC News tweeted this morning: “Steve Bannon is likely to meet with Special Counsel Mueller next week, source familiar with the process tells NBC News.” In other words, Bannon is indeed trying to dodge the House Intel Committee because he hasn’t had a chance to spill his guts to Mueller yet.

This isn’t surprising. After Bannon’s anti-Trump quotes were published in Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury, Trump responded by destroying Bannon’s life. Bannon has lost his radio show, his own website has fired him, and his longtime billionaire backer has moved on. All Bannon has left now is revenge. This also gives us additional insight into the confusing hijinks that went on the last time Bannon was hauled before the House Intel Committtee.

Steve Bannon’s lawyer was conspiring with White House Counsel Don McGahn, who is also represented by the same lawyer, to try to keep the most important questions from being answered that day. Now that we know Bannon is selling Trump out to Robert Mueller, this all but certainly means McGahn is selling Trump out to Mueller as well. Mueller is now ready to interview Trump, meaning his obstruction case is all ready to go – and that Bannon’s testimony will simply be gravy.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report