Team Trump goes bananas

When Donald Trump failed to tell his House GOP allies that he’d changed his mind at the last minute about Gordon Sondland testifying, it put them in a situation yesterday where they were left babbling about Captain Kangaroo. Today we’ve seen even more evidence that Team Trump is simply falling apart at the seams as this all slips away from them.

For instance, whatever it is that Donald Trump has been using to convince Lindsey Graham to follow his marching orders, it’s become clear today that Graham is no longer sure what his marching orders are. Graham has spent the day loudly and dishonestly defending Trump against impeachment, while also saying that Trump makes him want to “throw up.” Wait, which one is it? Lindsey isn’t the only Team Trump member who’s going bananas.

Rick Perry either is, or is not, resigning – a surefire sign that he has no idea what to do, now that his role in the Ukraine scandal is being exposed. Mick Mulvaney is so worried about getting scapegoated, he’s publicly threatening to resign (and ostensibly cooperate with the impeachment inquiry) if Trump tries to throw him under the bus. Rudy Giuliani has made such a mess of things as outside counsel, Trump is bringing in Trey Gowdy as a new outside counsel to try to clean up Rudy’s mess – and yet Rudy apparently hasn’t been fired.

Does this sound like any of these people have any idea what they’re doing? To stand with Donald Trump to begin with, you have to be a complete idiot, or a corrupt criminal, or mentally compromised, or some combination of all three. On top of that, most of Trump’s preferred henchmen are now indicted or in prison. So we’re seeing Trump settling for people who are even worse at this than the last group. No wonder they’re going bananas.

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