Donald Trump’s Baltimore scandal takes an even uglier turn

Donald Trump repeatedly shows where his greatest strength lies: his ability to impose his own shortcomings on others. Instead of running the country he was illegitimately elected to run, Trump is on the attack against someone he perceives as his enemy, Elijah Cummings. Trump takes it one step further and attacks an entire city, Baltimore, Maryland. While Trump is busily doubling down on his attacks, which he also does well, Huffington Post is reporting that part of the problem in Baltimore is Jared Kushner.

For some reason, the saying “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” is coming to mind right now. As reported by HuffPost, Kushner is one of the worst perpetrators of “rat-infested” areas in Baltimore. Residents of “Kushnerville,” as they refer to his disgusting housing projects, call Kushner a “slumlord” and would be glad to see him leave their district to someone who actually cares about housing for the low income and poor. In fact, Kushner owns several Baltimore area housing projects and continues to own them while working as a “senior adviser” at the White House.

Not only have Kushner and his company been hit by fines for multiple code violations they make up the money by adding “mystery” and late fees to rent payments, which they use to evict tenants. Kushner then sues these tenants and secures judgments, garnishes their wages, and drains their bank accounts, according to the Baltimore Sun. In one case, management allowed a tenant to break her lease because of harassment by another tenant and years later, Kushner sued her for breaking the lease. They won $3,000 in court plus fees, totaling almost $5,000. Kushner continues to own the properties and graciously recused himself from any policy decisions involving Section 8 housing because many of his residents use Section 8. Isn’t he a great guy?

Trump and his criminal family are the rats, and they have infested Washington, D.C. with their dirty dealings and illegal activities. If Trump and his criminal enterprise family are so rich, why are they robbing poor people? The author of the HuffPost piece, Mary Papenfuss, believes that Trump’s most recent attacks are aimed at stopping the subpoenas issued by the House Oversight Committee, chaired by Elijah Cummings, which makes perfect sense as all House investigations seem to bring out the stupid in Donald Trump.

Much of this information remained unnoticed until Trump began attacking Cummings. Now, it’s all people are talking about. Sometimes, it’s better to just be quiet and see how things turn out, but Trump just can’t help himself. The problem with people who are stupid like Trump is that their stupidity always comes back to bite them in the ass. One of the things he is trying to keep from the subpoenas issued by the Committee are the “work-related” texts and emails sent between Kushner and Ivanka Trump, both of whom conduct government business on personal devices. Sound familiar? It should. This is the same crap he went on about with respect to Hillary Clinton. As Malcolm X once said, the chickens are coming home to roost for Trump. Doesn’t feel good, does it, Trump?

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