Donald Trump visits Baltimore, and it’s a complete disaster

Donald Trump finally made good today on his longtime threat to visit Baltimore, a city he’s viscously attacked in overtly racist fashion. The visit came just hours after the House officially began Trump’s impeachment, so perhaps he was hoping to distract us from the fact that he’s being impeached by reminding us that he’s a racist. In any case, the visit is going poorly for him to say the least.

As expected, Donald Trump has immediately been greeted by protesters in Baltimore. That includes picketers, a giant Trump rat, and a sign which unofficially changed the name of President Street to “Barack Obama Avenue,” according to the local CBS affiliate in the city.

The giant Trump rat balloon is a retort to Donald Trump’s insistence that Baltimore is a rat infested city. Trump first began attacking Baltimore after House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, who is from the city, exposed Trump’s Middle East racketeering scandal.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s 2020 Democratic opponents are preparing to debate each other on live national television. Today’s formal start of impeachment is likely to be one of tonight’s topics. Heading into the debate, the top several Democratic candidates are polling well ahead of Trump in a general election matchup.

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