William Barr just bailed on the House Judiciary Committee, and all hell is breaking loose

Attorney General William Barr’s Senate Judiciary Committee testimony went more and more poorly for him today as the day went on, leading us to ask aloud whether he would even show up for tomorrow’s more challenging House Judiciary Committee hearing. Sure enough, Barr just revealed that he’s going to bail on tomorrow’s hearing – meaning all hell is about to break loose.

Now that William Barr has officially said he’s not showing up tomorrow, the House Judiciary Committee has a subpoena coming against Barr, according to CNN’s Manu Raju. Assuming Barr blows off the subpoena, he’ll be promptly held in contempt of Congress. From there, we get to find out what committee chair Jerry Nadler truly has up his sleeve when it comes to consequences for Trump regime officials who try to defy subpoenas.

Last week we brought you the story of how Nadler had been working on a plan to hit non-cooperative witnesses with everything from monetary fines to possible arrest. Nadler is a straight shooter, so we don’t see him plotting out a strategy like this unless he intends to go through with it.

In any case, this serves to confirm what we all suspected while watching today’s Senate hearing: William Barr knows that today went terribly for him, and he’s now afraid of exposing himself to what would be a far more grueling hearing tomorrow. Barr served to hurt his own case today, he hurt Donald Trump’s case in the process, he’s already looking at perjury and obstruction charges once Trump is gone, and showing up tomorrow would have made things even worse for him. Now we wait to see if Nadler has Barr arrested in the coming days.

Interestingly enough, Jerry Nadler has announced to the television cameras that he and the House Judiciary Committee will go ahead and hold their hearing about the Mueller report tomorrow, even without William Barr’s presence. This will give the Democrats the opportunity to inform viewers everywhere that Trump’s guy Barr is too afraid to show up and answer for his attempts at covering up Trump’s crimes.

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