“Bad omen for impeachment”

This morning Palmer Report explained that Tuesday’s developments had left Republican Senators in an increasingly tough position, both because the Sondland impeachment testimony helped seal Donald Trump’s guilt, and because the Kentucky election results made clear that any Republicans who stand too close to Trump are going down.

It turns out we’re not the only ones who see it that way. One of Donald Trump’s own unnamed confidantes is telling CNN’s Jim Acosta that Republicans are “underestimating voter intensity against Trump, and it could be terrible for them next year.” He went on to add that it’s a “Bad omen for impeachment.”

The implication here is fairly clear. If Senate Republicans fail to convict and oust Donald Trump when his impeachment reaches the Senate, they’ll risk losing their own seats when they have to run for reelection – even if they represent normally safe red states. If they’ve been under the delusion that it’s not going to be all that bad for them, last night should serve as a wake-up call.

Senate Republicans can either go down in the name of trying to save Donald Trump, who’s ultimately going down anyway, or they can take Trump down in the hope that it gives them a better shot at saving their own seats. The choice is theirs. But yesterday was proof that if they’re seen as having tried to protect Trump, voters will destroy them for it.

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