Bad news for Roger Stone

As the Feds continue to build a conspiracy case in the January 6th Capitol attack that includes two Oath Keepers who were working for Roger Stone on that day, it’s becoming more clear that Stone faces serious legal exposure in relation to the attack. Now Stone is getting bad legal news on a rather different front.

Florida politician Joel Greenberg has announced through his attorney that he’s cutting a plea deal. The attorney went so far on Thursday as to specifically state that Matt Gaetz should be feeling uncomfortable right now. But while Gaetz is likely the biggest fish in Greenberg’s pond, Greenberg can’t just flip on him. Greenberg is facing thirty-three felony counts, including some hideous charges. For him to get any leniency at all, he’ll need to flip on everyone he knows.

That leads us to Roger Stone. He’s long been deeply entrenched in Florida Republican politics, and in fact he’s had his hands in nearly every major Republican political scandal of the past fifty years. All you need to do is google “Matt Gaetz Joel Greenberg” and you’ll find that most of the articles also mention Roger Stone. The three of them have even been known to take selfies together.

Roger Stone claims he’s only met Joel Greenberg three times in total. But that’s just what Stone is readily willing to admit to. Are we really supposed to believe that Stone encountered a massively corrupt Florida Republican politician like Greenberg and didn’t immediately latch onto him for corrupt reasons?


We’re going to find out, because Greenberg will have to give up every single thing he knows about Roger Stone as part of his plea deal. This means that Stone now has to worry about yet another federal criminal investigation winding itself in his direction. And if Greenberg flips on Gaetz, then Gaetz may have to flip on everyone he knows – including Stone. The news just keeps getting incrementally worse for Stone all around. And his December 2020 pardon doesn’t apply to the Capitol attack or any other crimes he’s committed in 2021.

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