Bad news for MyPillow guy Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell has not been having a good month. Actually it’s been a crappy year all around for the pillow fanatic. His reputation has been destroyed. He has lost money. His whole persona now seems to be in servitude of an orange insurrectionist who doesn’t give a damn about him.

Some would say Lindell has perhaps lost his mind — if he had a mind to lose. And yet, at one time, he did. After all, his company was pretty famous. And many people (I am not one of them) seem to adore the lunatic’s pillows.

Yet, Lindell is seemingly obsessed with the 2020 election, which Biden has won — oh, about fifty times now.

And now it is hitting him in the wallet. This all has to do with the state of Idaho. Lindell demanded an audit there, claiming there was voter fraud in the 2020 election. Why Lindell was seemingly obsessed with doing an audit in a red state Trump WON handily is something only known to the bizarre workings of his brain.

Of course, the audit turned out to be ridiculous. Nothing bad or freaky was found. All was well in the mountains of Idaho! No votes found in trash compactors or underneath desks. This voter fraud obviously only exists within Lindell’s psyche.

And now Idaho wants him to pay up. Appearing on CNN, the Idaho Secretary of State, Chad Houck, seemed a bit pissed. And he explained in no uncertain terms he would be asking Lindell to pay up for this mess of an audit.


“We will be totaling up the expenses that were incurred in the (review) process, and we will be sending him a bill,” Houck explained. This is most definitely not good news for Lindell, and one does have to wonder if he will do the right thing or, taking a page from assolini, simply not pay up.

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