Bad news for Matt Gaetz

Ten days ago ABC News confirmed that Joel Greenberg has indeed given up the goods on Matt Gaetz, turning over mountains of evidence to federal prosecutors, even as other sources reported that prosecutors have indeed decided to indict Gaetz. Now Gaetz has… gotten married?

That’s right. Matt Gaetz announced his engagement to Ginger Luckey right around the time he found out he was under federal criminal investigation for things like underage sex trafficking, and the timing has always led observers to wonder what was really going on. Now in another strange fit of timing, Gaetz has announced this weekend that he just got married to Luckey, barely a week after he learned through the media that he’s indeed going to be indicted.


Former prosecutors like Richard Signorelli and Tristan Snell are confirming that spousal privilege in Matt Gaetz’s home state of Florida doesn’t apply to communications from before the marriage. So if Gaetz is hurrying up and getting married to try to make sure his wife can’t be compelled to testify against him, then he’s got some bad news coming on that front.

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