As the shutdown caves in on him, delusional Donald Trump begins tweeting about how awesome he is

The government shutdown saga isn’t even over yet, and Donald Trump has already lost it. Of course by “lost it” we mean that he’s lost the shutdown battle and he’s lost whatever few marbles might have been left rattling around in his head. Polls show that the American public overwhelmingly blames Trump and his majority Republican Party, and not the minority Democratic Party, for the shutdown debacle. Now Trump’s behavior is becoming more disconcerting by the hour.

We’ve already seen the official White House photos which show Trump wandering around the White House in a trench coat and a baseball cap, under the guise of looking productive. We’ve already seen the New York Times report that Trump is sitting around watching old video clips of himself yelling around about President Obama. Now Trump is on Twitter, and he’s really, really wants us all to know how awesome he is.

Instead of working on negotiating an end to the government shutdown, Trump is now watching Fox News. We know this because he just tweeted this: “Thank you to Brad Blakeman on Fox News for grading year one of my presidency with an “A”-and likewise to Doug Schoen for the very good grade and statements. Working hard!” Really? What work is he supposedly doing? What has he accomplished, other than screwing up so badly that now the entire government it shut down?

Donald Trump’s biggest “accomplishments” are notching the lowest first-year approval rating of any U.S. President in the history of polling, a record low amount of meaningful legislation passed, the destabilization of the entire federal government, and now no federal government. If Trump’s goal has been to make America worse so that foreign enemies like Russia can get a leg-up, then yes, he’s achieving his goal with flying colors.

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