Here comes the avalanche of Trump-Russia leaks

Now you’ve gone and done it, Donald Trump and Devin Nunes. You’ve purposely leaked classified information about an ongoing FBI investigation, simply for the purpose of dishonestly trying to smear the FBI, in the feeble hope that it’ll take the public’s attention off your own crimes in the Trump-Russia scandal. Not only is your memo a joke that won’t change a single mind, it’s also the end of your both, because here comes the avalanche.

Now that the so-called President and a sitting member of the United States Congress are leaking classified intel as part of an illegal obstruction of justice effort, there’s no longer any reason for anyone involved to hold back. Public figures aren’t even hiding their intentions. For instance, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, who sits on a committee investigating the Trump-Russia scandal and therefore has access to secret evidence, tweeted this just before the memo’s release: “If this memo comes out, I have a long list of less sensitive, but still classified, information that the American people deserve to see.” But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What Trump and Nunes really have to worry about are the leaks that will come from within the U.S. intel community. The FBI and other agencies are sitting on a metric ton of dirt about Trump with regard to his Russia scandal and, presumably, his entire lifetime of financial crimes. They’ve been keeping all of this information to themselves, out of a matter of policy, and the fear of tainting the ongoing Trump-Russia investigation. But the gloves are off now. Trump and Nunes just leaked classified intel about the investigation. So now the FBI has an excuse to leak that’ll make Trump look the worst, while simply holding back on the specific details that are still sensitive to the investigation.

In other words, Donald Trump and Devin Nunes released the kraken against themselves today for nothing. They were playing a game of chicken by hyping a secret memo that they knew was a total non-starter. That hype forced them to release it, even after their own allies warned them that it would do them no good and would likely backfire on them. Now they get to face the wrath of those they’ve wronged. Here comes the avalanche of Trump-Russia leaks.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report