Here comes the Donald Trump bribery avalanche

Are we supposed to believe that a $200 billion corporation like AT&T made the decision to use cash bribes to convince “President” Donald Trump to change his mind on political issues that were worth billions to the company, but it then decided to limit the bribery to a mere $600,000? Of course not. Are we supposed to believe that AT&T and Novartis are the only corporations who bribed Trump? Not a chance. Logically, there must be a whole lot more money, and a whole lot more participants, involved. Now we’re getting inside confirmation that this is indeed the case.

This week, Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti was the first to publicly expose the bribes that AT&T, Novartis, and a Russian oligarch paid to Donald Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen. It was then widely reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating these bribes for the past several months. In other words, Avenatti is in position to know what he’s talking about, whether he’s getting his inside information from the evidence pile in the Daniels-Cohen lawsuit, or from other sources. So when he says more is coming, we believe him.

Here’s what Avenatti just tweeted about the matter: “Let this serve as formal notice – there is significantly more evidence and facts to come relating to Mr. Cohen’s dealings and Mr. Trump’s knowledge and involvement. You can come clean now or wait to be outed. Your choice. We have only just begun.” In other words, there are a whole lot more companies involved, and a whole lot more money involved, and it’ll all come out before much longer. It’s the “You can come clean now or wait to be outed” that stands out. He’s warning these other bribers that they might as well go ahead and out themselves before the legal process does.

As Palmer Report has previously pointed out, if word was out on the street that Donald Trump’s political decisions could be bought by giving cash bribes to his closest advisers, it’s highly unlikely that Michael Cohen was the only adviser involved. Did companies like AT&T and Novartis try to obscure their antics by spreading the money out to a number of people around Trump? We’ll find out soon enough. The avalanche is coming.

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