Controversy erupts over Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy report

The autopsy of Donald Trump’s friend and serial child rapist Jeffrey Epstein, who died in federal custody over the weekend of an “apparent suicide,” has been completed. But if anyone was looking for answers, it turns out all we’re getting are more questions. The results of the autopsy aren’t being announced at this time – and now a controversial figure is involved in the autopsy.

NBC News reported last night that when it comes to Jeffrey Epstein’s cause of death, the “determination is pending further information” and isn’t going to be announced quite yet. What does that tell us? Very little either way. On its own, we wouldn’t be sure whether to interpret that as a sign of controversy, or merely as a sign of bureaucratic delay. But then things got, well, controversial.

Epstein’s estate sent Dr. Michael Baden to perform his own autopsy, according to the Daily Beast. Why is this a big deal? Baden has been involved in the forensics of cases ranging from OJ Simpson to Michael Brown over the years. Pretty much every case he gets involved in is controversial in one way or another.

So is the government merely waiting to release the results of its autopsy until Dr. Baden finishes getting his crack at it? Will Baden announce different autopsy results than what the government announces? This all comes amid an unsubstantiated allegation that Attorney General Bill Barr visited Epstein’s jail two weeks ago. All we know is that as this Epstein story plays out, it’s certainly not becoming less controversial.

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