Just what is going on with Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy?

Earlier this week Palmer Report explained that the autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein had taken a strange and controversial turn. The government announced that the autopsy had been completed but the results weren’t being announced yet, even as Epstein’s estate hired a guy from the OJ trial to perform an autopsy of his own.

The thing is, we still have no autopsy report. CBS News says that Jeffrey Epstein’s estranged brother identified the body, which should help put to rest the unfounded conspiracy theories that Epstein somehow used a body double to escape, as his brother is the last person who would be covering for him.

But still, where’s the autopsy report? Ordinarily, we’d just pin this on the usual government bureaucracy delays, or in this instance perhaps the officials wanting to take extra time to make sure they’ve gotten it right in such a high profile case. The trouble is, Donald Trump and Bill Barr just keep acting more and more like they’re covering something up.

It’s not just that Donald Trump is cartoonishly accusing Bill and Hillary Clinton of somehow having murdered Jeffrey Epstein. It’s that Bill Barr claims to have already determined that the night shift guards were sleeping on the job, and he’s reassigned the warden accordingly. Barr’s DOJ is supposed to be investigating this, but instead Barr is jumping the gun, as if he needs to make sure the “results” of the probe end up being what he wants them to be. Within this context, the ongoing lack of an autopsy report is… strange.

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